I am a NYC based UX Designer

passionate about creating simple, beautiful designs backed by user experience.

I have always been interested in design and art from an early age. First impressions are crucial and how something appeared upon initial glance was important to me. However, my interest in UX started in college as an Applied Psychology major and Business Studies minor at the New York University. By studying research and business simultaneously, I was able to draw many parallelisms between the two fields, which led my four years to be focused on understanding consumer purchasing behaviors and entrepreneurship. These interests have led me to pursue jobs in many different fields, such as marketing, product, sales and research, which has left me with a deep appreciation for consumer behaviorism. Although these fields are different in tasks, they are connected as a process of creating solutions for consumer concerns and frustrations. This process eventually became familiar to me as user experience and became a passion I wanted to pursue.

Working with different product teams and developers for personal projects, my passion to be a UX designer grew and I delved deeper into the design world with Bloc's intensive UX/UI bootcamp. This program provided me with the tools necessary to build products through research, testing, design and development. With challenges and growth, I strive to create beautiful and intuitive designs that solve problems and promote usability.


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